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TEFL teacher writes home about COVID-19

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

A TEFL teacher from Perth wrote home about COVID-19 improvements, during his stay in China.

He's gone through a month-long quarantine, but remained in contact with his past employer in Perth, sharing about the recovery of China after a draconian lock-down approach to containing the viral outbreak of Coronavirus.

His name is Richard Ryan, and he is a former staff member at PLUS Perth. He's pictured here with Susan Scott, development officer, on a brief visit home in January.

Ryan is currently working in China, where the outbreak began and caused devastation through the country, but has delivered hope in the form of an update to Fair City Mental Health Organization.

Richard Ryan was at PLUS Perth in January but now teaches English overseas in China. He returned to his TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) post in Zhengzhou in China on February 12, where he was quarantined.

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One month later, Ryan emailed development manager Susan Scott (pictured above) to say the situation is improving:

"Here in China we seem to have come through it. ... Things returning back to normal ... pretty much everything open apart from restaurants and schools. ... I am well, though still just biding time till the students return, hopefully not too long."

He went on to say people entering isolation in Perthshire needed support,

"My prolonged period of isolation has certainly made me more aware of the problems many people face with loneliness and lack of contact with others. ... It kinda brings it home really. ... I hope UK pulls through, but I have my fears because it seems to have become an uncaring, money-fixated society and it will take a major humanitarian catastrophe to change that."

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