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If this sounds like you, you should teach overseas

Study Breaks wants to know if this sounds like you:

You’ve finished university, taken the obligatory graduation photographs, but, unfortunately, you don’t have a job lined up to go along with your shiny new certificate. Hold your horses before you decide to beg the local supermarket for your job back. You’re a native or native-level speaker of English right? You do realize that there are millions of people around the world hoping to speak the language just…like…you, right? Well, they’re willing to pay for the privilege to learn from you too.

Fit the bill so far? Listen up!

...being able to speak a language doesn’t mean you can teach it well. That’s where the TEFL course (which stands for teaching English as a foreign language) comes in.

This is where TEFC inc can help!'s ONLY in-class training location in North America! But we digress...

During the course, you’ll revise many of those pesky grammatical rules in English, learn proven techniques for captivating your students and find out how to make learning English fun over the course of just a few weeks. Once you’ve secured the certificate from Tefl Org or any other TEFL institution, you’ll be a highly-employable graduate that hardly any country will turn down.

But is teaching overseas right for you? Do you see these 6 signs? If so, the Universe might just be telling you to teach overseas!

1. There’s no stopping your wanderlust

2. You’re desperate to make up for that failure of a year abroad or pick up a new language

3. You have no plans to settle down

4. You’re struggling to get a job

5. After three or four years of university, you’re still as shy as can be

6. You’re still a student at heart

Sound familiar?

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