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Creator Spotlight: The Brain Scoop

Story of Your Life is designed to celebrate content and its creators that promote a more connected and symbiotic world. When we see someone, a team or organization rise to the occasion of promoting inspiring, thought provoking content, we believe it deserves a platform, a spotlight, a mic and distribution.

That said, we'd like to shine a light on The Brain Scoop, an educational YouTube channel developed by the creator of Sci Show, Hank Green in part with host Emily Graslie and filmmaker Michael Aranda.

Graslie began her Brain Scoop series in 2013 from the facility where she volunteered as a curatorial assistant: The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum in Montana, USA. The show was quickly picked up by the Field Museum in Chicago in April the same year the show launched, just in time to secure Graslie with a career advancement in the field of her passion, in face of an uncertain future of the Wright Museum.

They continue to produce content about Natural History and share their modern archaeological and paleontology discoveries with the world.



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