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Creator Spotlight: SciShow

Story of Your Life is designed to celebrate content and its creators that promote a more connected and symbiotic world. When we see someone, a team or organization rise to the occasion of promoting inspiring, thought provoking content, we believe it deserves a platform, a spotlight, a mic and distribution.

That said, we'd like to take the time to shine the light on SciShow, a education YouTube channel well known for it's entertaining, educational and easy to digest delivery of mass amounts of information.

Inception of the series was brought to the world Hank Green, made famous by a massively popular channel called Vlogbrothers with co-host and brother John Green, where the two would send one another video-blogs talking about all sorts of things that piqued their interest. John went on to author books that have been adapted into Hollywood movies and Hank went on to found more education series for internet consumption, like Crash Course, Brain Scoop and others.

The SciShow has been around since 2011 and has seen huge improvements in it's production quality and graphics, inspiring many lovers of science to educate themselves and perpetuate knowledge and the sharing of it to friends and loved ones, or perhaps to lay to rest a debate.



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